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B2B lead generation and sales is a complex world. As technology, trends, and preferences evolve, so do B2B marketing and sales.

Once reliant on billboards and email campaigns, B2B marketing today involves a smart, robust mix of data intelligence, tech, and the human touch to create and measure effective campaigns. Savvier and more connected, prospects now expect a speedy and highly personalized buying experience. Trends like social selling and advanced call centers can accelerate the sales pipeline while also improving and personalizing the client experience, meeting some of those demands.

Whether you're trying out artificial intelligence applications or launching a new social media platform for your B2B efforts, a few tips and best-practices can make your B2B campaign resonate and your sales climb.

Challenges of Growth, Lead Gen, and Sales

One of the biggest challenges facing B2B today is siloed marketing and sales teams. When these teams are not in sync, messages become misaligned. Rather than providing buyers with a seamless experience, those buyers may feel confused or misinformed.

Top B2B sales and marketing teams are more than two times as likely to collaborate on projects and meet common goals and metrics. In fact, business buyers often note that the sales team's awareness of marketing initiatives is a factor in winning their business.

Another common challenge faced by B2B marketing and sales teams is a failure to understand the intended market. Lacking a clear picture of who your products and services target prevents you from creating meaningful campaigns, customized content, and a story that generates leads.

Identifying the right customers is one of the first things a good B2B marketing team should do, and neglecting this prerequisite means your hard work and strategy will fall on deaf ears.

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Kristin B. works from inside a correctional facility as a senior project coordinator with Televerde, a B2B sales and marketing technology solutions provider that hires, trains, fairly compensates, and provides career opportunity to incarcerated women in Arizona and Indiana.