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I write whitepapers for a living. Because of my background in engineering, I typically handle high-tech content for complex products and services, and I've come to discover that even the most complex material can be fleshed out in simple ways to produce high-quality whitepapers.

Here are my top 10 ideas that I share with clients to harvest information before writing highly effective whitepapers that engage their target audiences.

10 Easy Ways to Get Whitepaper Content

1. Blog it first

You've got ideas, but not a lot of time to write a full paper. Instead, outline the paper, then write a blog post for each chapter of the whitepaper. Bring the posts together, and edit your way to a paper.

For example, you may want to write a paper about six best-practices. Write a blog post for each best-practice, then add an intro and summary to turn it into a full whitepaper. As a bonus, the blog posts can link to the whitepaper as a call to action.

2. Interview a thought leader

Before your interview, come up with questions—but thinking about them as sections of a whitepaper. Then record the interview and turn the transcript into a whitepaper. For a meatier paper, interview 3-5 thought leaders on the same topic, and include lots of pull quotes.

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Trisha Winter is the founder of Focused B2B. She is a former SaaS CMO who helps B2B companies identify and connect with target buyers to drive revenue.

Twitter: @TrishaWinter

LinkedIn: Trisha Winter