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Nearly every marketer will be asked to manage a project at some point in their career. However, not every marketer will have formal project management training. Nor will everyone necessarily feel confident in their planning or leadership skills.

So, when your moment comes to take the driver's seat on a project, how will you respond?

If you don't immediately have an answer, this article is for you.

Leading and managing marketing projects doesn't have to feel overwhelming. With some simple skill development and a streamlined process to follow, success is well within your grasp.

Why Should Marketers Care About Project Management Skills?

If spreadsheets and timelines sound less enticing to you than stretching your creative and analytical skills, you're not alone.

But, understanding how to plan and manage projects is invaluable for marketers.

As Inc. contributing editor Jeff Haden writes: "This skill will never die out. Project management is essential to any organization. To go along all of the data, metrics, optimizations, campaigns, and budgets—you need somebody to help coordinate everything and keep it on schedule. Companies will always value this."

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Ben Sailer is the content marketing lead at CoSchedule, provider of a marketing software suite.

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