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Your marketing team works hard producing quality content, fostering an engaging social media presence, and designing eye-catching and actionable campaigns. All to collect quality data on your potential customers.

Why? Because for most marketing teams, the number-one success metric is data on leads.

But as marketers and sales team members alike will tell you, not all leads are created equal. So... how can your marketing team ensure it's passing on only the best, most-qualified leads to the sales team?

With a predictive lead-scoring strategy.

Predictive lead scoring can help your marketing team identify which leads are likely ready to close and should be passed to the sales team, and which ones should remain with Marketing in the nurture track.

So, let's...

  1. Debunk some common misconceptions about lead scoring
  2. Take a look at what goes into a lead-scoring model
  3. Equip you with the tools you'll need to increase your leads' quality and boost marketing ROI

1. Two Truths and a Lie: What You Need to Know About Lead Scoring

When your company's bottom line is at stake, discussions around leads can get pretty heated. Who's responsible? Who gets the credit? Who gets the blame?

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image of Samantha Bonanno

Samantha Bonanno is senior analyst at Capterra, a leading online resource for business software buyers.

LinkedIn: Samantha (Mergenthaler) Bonanno

Twitter: @bonanno_sam