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This is the first in an occasional series of articles—actually, transcripts of podcasts—by MIT instructor Jonathan Byrnes. His Profit Levers podcast covers topics related to managing profitable growth, occasionally discussing issues of concern to marketers. Those episodes are the ones MarketingProfs will be publishing.

Episode 1 of the Profit Levers podcast is Big Data: Big Opportunity or Big Headache?

Welcome to Profit Levers, a podcast on presented by Profit Isle. I'm Jonathan Byrnes. I teach at MIT, and I'm Profit Isle's founding partner.

This is Episode 1 of the Profit Levers podcast. Today, I'm going to talk about "Big Data: Big Opportunity or Big Headache?" You can find a transcript for this episode on the Profit Isle website: profitisle.com

Big data is coming! What are the keys to success? Importantly, most of the seemingly obvious streams of payoff are revealed by careful analysis to be mirages at best, or quicksand at worst—while others promise high returns.

This podcast exposes the tips and pitfalls of managing in the coming Big Data world.

I really appreciate your interest in listening in.

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image of Jonathan Byrnes

Jonathan Byrnes is a senior lecturer at MIT, where he has taught for 30 years. He is the founding partner and chairman of Profit Isle, a profit-acceleration SaaScompany with proprietary analytics. He is the author of Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink and a co-author of the upcoming Choose your Customers: How to Compete Against the Digital Giants and Thrive (McGraw Hill).