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Creating B2B marketing content during a crisis is a challenge, and that challenge increases 100-fold when the world is suffering through a pandemic.

Far from giving up, however, some B2B marketers are finding creative new ways to spread brand awareness.

Others are looking to pivot their marketing strategies to adapt to the current situation.

One of the primary ways that marketers can determine how to make a difference in this environment is to look at the trends in online searches.

In this article, we look at how analyzing critical search data trends can help marketers generate consistent content that will improve traffic and boost sales.

1. What is Critical Data in the Current Context?

Businesses, customers, and clients are all spending more time online, which should therefore be a source for maintaining the flow of revenue.

Because more businesses are online, we can infer they are using online searches—because they need to get news and information, and also find new ways to reach customers.

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image of Nadya Khoja

Nadya Khoja is chief growth officer at Venngage, provider of online graphic design software.

LinkedIn: Nadya Khoja

Twitter: @NadyaKhoja