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The pressure is on for companies to perform at their best. The digital-first mindset is here to stay, and organizations are realizing that building meaningful relationships with customers online is critical to success—especially as competition grows amid a looming recession.

Companies must embrace digitizing nearly every aspect of their business to ensure that digital buyer journeys are compelling, engaging, and valuable from end to end. That is, no doubt, a monumental task, but the combination of two martech solutions can pave the path forward.

Combining a digital experience platform (DXP) with a digital asset management (DAM) system is the perfect way to create richer experiences for consumers online.

That dynamic duo enables teams to easily collaborate in a single workflow to create, review, manage, distribute, and analyze content, winning over customers one personalized moment at a time.

This article explores how DXP and DAM work together, why that tech stack combination is particularly pivotal in our economic climate, and how the combined technologies can better prepare companies for future disruptions and challenges.

Combining DXP and DAM boosts the digital customer journey

Content is the foundation of any digital experience. To create experiences that resonate, companies are leaning into digital assets: videos, branded graphics, and product images.

But distributing, managing, and organizing digital content can be daunting and time-consuming—especially when you're dealing with a myriad of omnichannel campaigns and requests from team members.

That's where the combination of a DXP and DAM solution can help.

DXP is an architectural foundation that enables companies to create, orchestrate, and optimize digital journeys at scale. It combines the power of technologies, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, customer data platforms (CDPs), and personalization tools into a central hub, gathering cross-channel data to help companies better understand customers and act on findings in real-time to improve experiences.

For marketers to fully maximize the value of a DXP, however, it must be accompanied by a highly agile system—a DAM.

A DAM system supports the entire content lifecycle. Users can swiftly find what they need, coordinate workflows, and publish content, boosting efficiency, reducing bottlenecks, and saving money. It consolidates redundant tools for content storage, file sharing, and collaboration into one system for all team members to access.

A DAM system isn't just a bonus of a DXP; it's a true necessity. For example, a company might create a groundbreaking customer journey experience in a DXP, but without a DAM system to manage, deliver, and track content... its impact could fall short.

DAM functionality inside a DXP provides powerful, content-geared features that allow users to search, access, and monitor content performance, saving time and boosting on-brand asset consistency for digital experiences.

A DXP + DAM martech solution can help solve today's economic issues

The benefits that a DXP + DAM solution brings to the table is especially important in 2023.

A recession is looming, and companies are restructuring, removing products, altering go-to-market strategies, and more. That goes for customers, as well, who are likely re-evaluating spending habits and budgets.

But amid all the uncertainty, customer-centric brands are the ones that will emerge victorious—and those with a DXP + DAM solution are already leading the pack.

Organizations can effectively tackle a recession by developing flexibility, maintaining customer loyalty, and budgeting effectively, according to Harvard Business Review. To do so, HBR advises, companies should look for innovative—and easily scalable—solutions that cut costs and improve relationships. Combining a DXP with a DAM system is a perfect example.

When companies are looking to cut costs and boost efficiency, implementing technologies that have strong ROI is more important than ever. A DXP and DAM solution provides clear and strong ROI.

For example, a DXP helps convert more leads. It works as an omnichannel campaign manager, integrates commerce and content for better engagement, and more. A DAM, in turn, streamlines processes, saves time via repurposing and easy sharing, reduces campaign costs, increases marketing efficiencies, and accelerates time to market.

When the market is hurting and competition is heating up across nearly every industry, technology that provides strong ROI and homes in on the customer experience to build loyalty is essential. A powerful customer experience will not only keep users coming back for more but also help companies withstand trying times, keeping churn rates low and the bottom line growing.

A DXP + DAM martech solution helps you prepare for the future

Fully 93% of companies consider innovative technologies necessary to reach their digital transformation goals, a Forrester and SAP study found. Now, more than ever, companies are rethinking their digital stacks from end to end.

To keep up with the evolving landscape and survive the nearing downturn, companies must prioritize solutions that not only help them advance the customer experience and their marketing efforts but also scale with them as needs evolve and markets change.

* * *

Customers expect relevant, meaningful, consistent experiences at every interaction with a brand. It's time for companies to take the leap and combine DAM and DXP to scale and boost digital customer experiences. It's the winning martech strategy every company needs.

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Jake Athey is the VP of marketing and sales at Acquia, a digital experience platform for content, community, and commerce.

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