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Let's start with a few sobering martech stats: 56% of organizations report underutilizing their marketing technology; 21% of companies have platforms or tools they've purchased that aren't being used at all; and only 9% of marketing departments say they have all of the marketing tools they need and fully use them.

So is marketing technology really that hard to get right?

The stats imply that it is. Truthfully, though, I think part of the solution is relatively simple: Make a better purchasing decision.

When you buy a product, you buy the company behind the product, too

When we shop for martech, many of us focus way too much on the product and not enough on the team behind the product. I'm talking about the living, breathing humans who work at companies like Salesforce, Domo, Zapier, and so on.

There are plenty of good products out there. And as the competition increases even more (like it has over the past seven years), good products become bad experiences if the company behind the product fails.

I'm sure we markters do a good job at researching the product. But we need to also start evaluating the company behind the product.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go shopping for martech.

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Mollie Kuramoto is the marketing manager at Element Three, an Indianapolis-based full-service marketing consultancy that helps grow businesses through accountable, transformative marketing.

LinkedIn: Mollie Kuramoto

Twitter: @molliemoto