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Americans conducted more than 13.9 billion core searches in August 2009, with Google Sites accounting for 64.6% of search market share, according to recent research released by comScore. Microsoft Sites grabbed a 9.3% market share, a 0.4 percentage point gain compared with July.

Google Still the Leader

Google Sites' market share of search engine activity dropped very slightly in August, down 0.1 percentage points compared with July. But it is still very much the leader in this space: It handled 64.6% of all US searches, with Yahoo! Sites the closest competitor at 19.3% of search market share:

Americans conducted 13.9 billion searches in August, up 3% from July. Here's what the market share for each of the top 5 search engines translates to in real numbers:

Key findings:

  • Some 9 billion searches were conducted on Google Sites, and 2.7 billion searches on Yahoo! Sites.
  • The No. 4 and No. 5 most-used search engines—Ask Network and AOL LLC—were employed for a small fraction of the 13.9 billion searches made in August: 541 million were conducted on Ask Network and 415 million on AOL LLC.

A Wider Look at Search

comScore's August 2009 analysis of search looked beyond sites devoted to search to encompass all sites on which search activity occurred:

Key findings:

  • More searches were conducted on YouTUBE than on Yahoo! Sites.
  • The number of searches conducted on Bing jumped 7% compared with the month before, from 1,076 MM in July to 1,151 MM in August. Searches on Microsoft Sites increased 6% in August compared with July, from 1,262 MM to 1,343 MM.
  • experienced the largest growth—20%—in query volume, to 324 MM in August from 270 MM in July.

About the data: All data cited here comes from comScore's August qSearch analysis of the US search marketplace.

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