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Asia/Pacific Internet users conducted 38.6 billion search queries in September 2009, a 33% increase over the previous year and a new record, according to comScore data.

Overall, Google Sites ranked as the region's top search destination with nearly 17 billion searches performed on its sites during the month, or 44.1% of Asia/Pacific searches. followed with 8.2 billion searches (21.3%) while Yahoo Sites took third place with 5.3 billion searches (13.8%).

Asia/Pacific searchers averaged nearly 88 searches per person during the month. South Korea's NHN Corporation, which owns, generated the highest search intensity among the top 10 destinations, with an average of 81 searches per person. Google Sites were second, with 59 searches per person; Lycos Sites followed with 51 searches per person.

Competition Between Global and Local Brands

Google Sites is the preferred search destination in six out of ten markets across the Asia/Pacific region, including Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Local brands, however, are still preferred in China and South Korea: is China's top search destination, with 63% of searches performed; NHN Corporation leads in South Korea, capturing 49.3% of searches.

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