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In the third quarter of 2009, Americans' consumption of new media formats grew at a brisk pace: DVR use increased 21% year over year, while the use of online video increased 34%, according to Nielsen's latest A2/M2 Three Screen Report.

Weekly Viewing Data

Although DVR and online video are becoming more widely used, consumers of all ages still spend the majority of their video time (nearly 99%) watching traditional television. 

In the third quarter of 2009, Americans consumed a variety of media, including, on average:

  • 31 hours of TV per week, with 31 minutes spent in playback mode with their DVR
  • 4 hours on the Internet and 22 minutes watching online video
  • 3 minutes watching mobile video

Other Findings

  • Social networks are becoming a popular source for online video. Time spent viewing video on social networking sites increased 98% from October 2008 to October 2009.
  • Mobile video viewing continues to grow, with 15.7 million Americans viewing video on their mobile phones in the third quarter of 2009, an increase of 53% compared with last year.
  • Teens continue to watch mobile video the most, just over seven hours per month. Adults (age 45-54) report viewing nearly three hours of video on their mobile phones.

* TV in the home includes live usage plus any playback viewing within the measurement period. Timeshifted TV is playback primarily on a DVR but includes playback from VOD, DVD Recorders and services like Start Over.

** Internet figures are from home and work. Hours:minutes for Internet and video use are based on the universe of persons who used the Internet/watched online video. All Internet figures are monthly averages over the course of the quarter.

About the data: Data are from Nielsen's latest A2/M2 Three Screen Report (3Q09). Nielsen's A2/M2 Three Screens Reports provide the results from quarterly analyses from Nielsen's Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement Initiative (A2/M2).

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