Email is still a key component of digital marketing: 49% of consumers share content online at least once a week, with most of it shared via email (86%) and Facebook (49%), according to a study from Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies. Just 4% of surveyed consumers share content via Twitter and 2% do so via LinkedIn.

Among those age 18-24, Facebook (76%) is the most popular way to share online content, followed by email (70%), while 11% of such consumers say they share content via Twitter.

Among consumers age 35 and over, email is the primary vehicle for sharing content online (93%).

Entertainment is the primary reason people share content: 72% of consumers say they share content because it's interesting or entertaining, 58% do so because they think the recipient might value the content, and 58% say they share content to get a laugh.

Overall, branded and unbranded content are viewed similarly: 58% of consumers say it doesn't matter—they share both types of content, whereas 14% say they are more likely to share branded content and 10% say they are less likely to share branded content.

The top 5 types of content that consumers like to share are the following:

  1. News about a family member or friends: 81%
  2. Family pictures or video: 80%
  3. Funny videos: 63%
  4. Coupons/discount: 54%
  5. News articles and blog posts (e.g., CNN, NY Times): 53%

About the data: Findings are from a study of 1,504 US adults age 18+, conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey during the week of August 23, 2010.

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Email and Facebook Dominate Sharing of Online Content

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