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Fully one-half of businesses (50%) say they plan to increase their marketing budgets in 2011, with much of that spending growth allocated to email, social media, and search marketingaccording to a survey from StrongMail.

Over four in five surveyed marketers and business leaders (43%) say their companies' budgets will stay at current levels, and 7% plan to decrease marketing budgets—an improvement over the 11% who planned to do so a year earlier

Email marketing is the top area of investment growth among marketers and business leaders (65%), followed by social media marketing (57%) and search marketing (41%).

Direct mail (36%) and tradeshows and events (33%) are the top targets for decreased spending; however, that is a marked improvement over the previous year, during which marketers reduced spending  in those areas by 42% and 44%, respectively.

Below, other findings from StrongMail's 2011 Marketing Trends report, based on a survey of 925 marketers and business leaders.

Top Email Marketing Priorities: Engagement and Segmentation

With marketers and business leaders allocating more resources to email marketing initiatives in 2011, over one-half say they plan to focus on increasing subscriber engagement (52%), improving segmentation and targeting (49%), and integrating social media and email marketing (43%) during the year.

More than two in five marketers (42%) say growing their email lists is among their most important email initiatives for 2011.

Integrating Email With Social Media 

More than one-half of marketers and business leaders (52%) say they now have a strategy in place to integrate their email marketing initiatives with social media and are implementing that strategy (28%) or researching appropriate tools with which to do so (24%). Some 19% have such a strategy, but say they're not sure how to implement it.

Despite budget increases, marketers and business leaders cite a lack of resources and staffing as their biggest email marketing challenge in 2011 (44%), followed by customer data integration issues (41%) and maintaining high email deliverability (36%).

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Social Media Priorities

Among various social media activities, 35% of marketers and business leaders say marketing via Facebook is a top priority, followed by viral/referral marketing programs (22%), Twitter marketing (21%), and implementing social media management technologies (21%).

Asked to identify the value they derive from social media, marketers and business leaders cite awareness building (63%), followed by building customer loyalty and retention (54%), reaching new audience (42%), customer acquisition (41%), lead generation (22%), and driving revenue (16%).

About the data: StrongMail's 2011 Marketing Trends survey of 925 marketers and business leaders was conducted online by Zoomerang for StrongMail, Nov. 18-29, 2010. 

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