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Though Hispanics use smartphones to help with in-store shopping, most tend to visit stores with friends and family, relying more on the opinions of their companions when making purchases and less on user-generated reviews and ratings via smartphone, according to a study by Sensis and White Horse

Among surveyed consumers who use their smartphones to help them shop in stores: 

  • 38% of Hispanics have searched for online reviews and recommendations via smartphone while shopping in a store, compared with 51% of all shoppers. 
  • 60% of Hispanics have visited a store website (i.e., find out what is on sale) via smartphone, compared with 50% of all shoppers. 
  • 31% of Hispanics have used a store's mobile app via smartphone, compared with 21% of all shoppers.

Below, other findings from the Hispanic Mobile Report by Sensis and White Horse.

When buying expensive items (e.g., electronics and home appliances) advice is often crucial.

Hispanic mobile shoppers look for perspective from people they trust such as spouses, friends, and siblings: 

  • 69% say they shop with others when buying expensive items, whereas 31% shop alone. 
  • 51% say they shop with others when buying everyday items, whereas 49% shop alone.

Among Hispanics who shop with others to buy expensive items, 47% say they do so for advice and 19.3% want approval for what they're buying. Only one in ten shop in groups to be more productive (10.5%) or spend time with others (10.8%).

About the study: In addition to qualitative research, findings from the Hispanic Mobile Report are based on a survey of 500 Hispanic smartphone owners in the US who use their phones to help them shop in retail stores, conducted in January 2012.

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