In 2012, roughly 2.4 billion people worldwide used the Web, recording some 2.7 billion Facebook likes and 175 million tweets per day, according to a report by Pingdom, which compiled a year of data on the Internet, email, and social media.

Some key worldwide findings for 2012:

Below, additional finding form Pingdom's report, based on data from a wide range of sources, including Internet World Stats, StatCounter, Verisign, Facebook, and Twitter

As of June 30, 2012, Asia accounted for the plurality (44.8%) of the world's Internet population; Europe followed with 21.6% and North America with 11.4%: 

The populations of Internet users across the world (amounting to 2.4 billion users) were as follows:

  • Asia: 1.1 billion Internet users
  • Europe: 519 million
  • North America: 274 million
  • Latin America / Caribbean: 255 million
  • Africa: 167 million
  • Middle East: 90 million
  • Oceania/Australia: 24.3 million

China had 565 million Internet users—more than any other country in the world. China's Internet penetration (among its total population) was roughly 42% in mid-2012.

World Internet Penetration

The penetration of Internet users among a population tells a slightly different story than user counts.

North America had the highest Internet penetration as of June, at 78.6%, followed by Oceana/Australia (67.6%) and Europe (63.2%). 


Domain Names

Below, are stats on Web domains as of December 2012, from Verisign:

  • Number of domain name registrations across all top-level domains: 246 million
  • Number of country code top-level domain name registrations: 104.9 million
  • Number of .com domain names: 100 million
  • Number of .net domain names: 14.1 million
  • Number of .org domain names: 9.7 million
  • Number of .info domain names: 6.7 million
  • Number of .biz domain names: 2.2 million


The report also compiled website stats from various data providers:


Email findings for the full year of 2012 were provided by the Radicati Group, a tech market research firm:

  • Number of email users worldwide: 2.2 billion
  • Total email traffic per day worldwide: 144 billion messages
  • Number of email clients worldwide: 4.3 billion

Other email stats, from various sources:

Social Media

The report also compiled user stats and engagement metrics for Facebook and Twitter in 2012, from various sources.

Facebook stats:

Twitter stats:

Other social media stats:

Read the full post for other data on Web browsers, search, mobile technology, video, and image content.

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