Consumers most value the "four Ps"—product, price, place, and phone number—on local business websites, according to a recent report from BrightLocal.

A list of products is the most valued piece of information (12% of respondents picked it as most important), followed by a price list (11%), phone number (11%), physical address (10%), and hours of operation (10%), the survey of 811 consumers in the US and Canada found.

Only 4% of respondents say an attractive website is the most important element, and just 3% cite company images, according to the study.

As for the least-valued elements on local business websites, only 1% of respondents are interested in company blogs and in pictures of staff members.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Website Design

  • Only 5% of respondents say a bad or ugly website would put them off from using a local business altogether.
  • Older consumers (55+) give more credit to a business that has a "clean and smart" website, whereas younger consumers (18-34) are more design-oriented and less likely to use a business that has a clunky site.
  • Consumers age 18-34 are twice as likely than those age 55+ to contact a local business if they have a website.

Business Choice

  • Business proximity is the most important factor when deciding whether to use a local business (18% cited as the top factor).
  • Clear contact details (16%) and company information (16%) are also key factors.

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey of 811 US and Canadian consumers (46% male, 54% female).

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