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Mobile video viewing more than doubled from 2Q13 to 2Q14, and it's up 400% from two years ago, according to a recent report from Ooyala.

Mobile video viewing was up 127% year over year; moreover, it accounted for 27% total of global online video views in June 2014, up from 21% in February.

Much of this rapid growth in mobile video viewership has been driven by faster networks, more bandwidth, and an increasing number of smart mobile devices, the analysis found.

Viewing of online video on mobile devices is on track to make up more than half of all online video views by the beginning of 2016, according to Ooyala's forecasts.

Below, additional key findings from Ooyala's Q2 Global Video Index, which was based on anonymized data from online video viewers in 239 countries.

Multi-Screen Engagement and Video Length

  • Online video segments 1-3 minutes in length had the most plays on all devices in 2Q14, ranging from 38% of plays on tablets to 49% on connected TVs (CTVs).
  • Content lasting up to 1 minute was the next most popular format, ranging from 23% of all plays (tablets) to 31% (desktops).
  • Regardless of device, longer videos—those of 10 minutes or more—received the greatest share of time watched in 2Q14. Longer videos accounted for 81% of total online video viewing time on CTVs, 70% on tablets, 62% desktops, and 49% on smartphones.

  • Long-form content was most popular on the biggest screens in 2Q14. Videos longer than 60 minutes accounted for more than half of all time spent watching online content on connected TVs in 2Q14, compared with 19% of all time spent on tablets, 8% on desktops, and 9% on smartphones.
  • For videos longer than 30 minutes, time spent on CTVs was 65%, tablets 42%, desktops 29%, and mobile devices 25%.

About the research: The Ooyala Q2 Global Video Index based on anonymized data from online video viewers in 239 countries.

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