B2B buyers say they want chatbots from vendors to provide accurate and relevant answers—and to provide those answers very quickly, according to recent research from Conversica.

The report was based on data from a survey of 250 buyers who work for enterprise companies.

B2B buyers say the most important parts of a vendor chatbot experience are that it provides accurate responses (4.25 average score on a 1-6 scale), provides answers relevant to what the they want (3.87), and delivers immediate responses.

What B2B buyers want from chatbots survey results

Most B2B buyers (76%) say they ideally want a vendor chatbot to provide the information they are looking for in three messages or less.

Ideal number of messages it would take to get an answer from a chatbot survey results

B2B buyers say they use vendor chatbots most to answer questions (37% say this is what they're trying to accomplish), connect with an agent (20%), find guidance to the right solution (18%), and get technical support (12%).

What B2B buyers are trying to accomplish when they use website chatbots

B2B buyers interact with chatbots across the sales cycle, including while researching (21% say they have interacted during this phase), comparing vendors (8%), and purchasing (11%). Some 11% of buyers say they have interacted with chatbots during all phases and 9% say they have interacted post-purchase.

Which parts of the sales cycle B2B buyers interact with chatbots survey results

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey of 250 buyers who work for enterprise companies.

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