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Twitter has seen massive growth as an online communications tool, especially with the recent influx of celebrity personas (Ashton Kutcher, Oprah) using it. But perhaps no celebrity has found more success with Twitter than skateboarder Tony Hawk, who is using it to bridge both his real and his virtual communities. What are the lessons for marketers? 

Tony Hawk has utilized the medium to create an interactive Easter egg-like treasure hunt that brought his community and fan base even closer to him. Check out the video here:

Tony made note of the mobility of the Twitter platform and how easy it is to stay connected with your community, no matter where in the world you are. He held true to this idea as he gave away boards in numerous cities across the country.

Companies could certainly learn a lot from his efforts about how these tools aren't just for online use. Tony's campaign is one that took the Twitter world and connected it to the real world, taking those online relationships outside of the "e-box" and into something truly interactive.

Source: iReport.

Photo credit: splorp.

Contributor: Sonny Gill. Follow Sonny on Twitter.

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