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Unemployment, recession... Real-world problems are affecting our friends, families, and colleagues. With all that negativity, especially in today's job market, a bit of lightheartedness doesn't hurt, right?

Well, looks like Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma City, has decided to chase away the gloom by creating THE dream job for a Twitter and Facebook power user who's a wino (no joke).

Mashable, one of the largest Web 2.0 and social-networking news blogs around, talks about the world's best job, noting a $10k/month 6-month contract for someone with skills in communicating (mainly by Twitter and other social networks) who is a videographer and a lover of wine. Sounds like a tough gig, eh?

Not only is this a dream job for one lucky social-networking, wine-drinking applicant, it has created a lot of positive word-of-mouth and buzz for the company. It's unique, off the wall, intriguing, a bit crazy—and it works.

So, do you think you're cut out for this once-in-a-lifetime position? Check out the job site and send in your application before June 5!

Contributor: Sonny Gill. Follow Sonny on Twitter.

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