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There's a new thinker in town, and its name is Wolfram Alpha. Considered a "computational knowledge engine" (that is, it figures out answers to questions), Wolfram Alpha can handle some complex searches. It's quite different from how Google functions, according to this Mashable article.

Google, as we all know, searches for the answers we're looking for, whereas Wolfram Alpha is able to compute specific queries and calculations (e.g., GDP of the USA) to give you the exact answer that you're looking for.

Technology continues to evolve, allowing us to think less and less for ourselves. But at what expense?

Will the technology of Wolfram Alpha and the like give employees and students an easy route out to obtaining specific questions? Or will it be a revolutionary tool in our hyper-connected, multitasking worlds? 

Contributor: Sonny Gill. Follow Sonny on Twitter.

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