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Social-network popularity is growing. So much that even TV is noticing. Major brands now list URLs not to their websites but to the social networks that they're on. "Look for us on Facebook" or "Follow us on Twitter" is becoming more widespread.

Some reference their community directly: The current trailer for the upcoming season of WE's popular reality show Bridezilla, for example, lists quotes from hardcore Twitter fans. Incorporating viewers like that? Significant.

Twitter may be three years old, but you would've never seen that a year ago. 10 years ago? Ancient history. Many brands were still deciding whether they should include their website URL in print ads. (Forget the Web, progress meant you included a custom telephone number on your billboard.)

So go on, throw the name of that Facebook group in your commercial, ad, or radio spot, it's OK. But if you must include the website? Lose the "www." That's just so 2005.

Contributed by Bill Green.

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