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Being successful in today's business climate requires agility. For both large and small businesses, an ever-increasing set of tasks requires specialized talent. Invariably, that's also true of marketing teams and marketing executives. That, in turn, leads to questions about finding the right solution for a business.

According to Harvard Business Review, 53% of surveyed marketing execs plan to contract out their marketing department. Lucky for them, there is a growing independent workforce, expected to reach an estimated 40% by 2020, that is readily available to meet the new demand.

The question, then, becomes "Hire or Contract?"

Depending on your budget and what you're looking for from a business perspective, the following infographic flowchart from Mavenlink should help you decide what to do about your marketing department.

Whatever the decision turns out to be, you need to consider a way for your business to easily interact with internal and external teams to ensure they deliver quality work, because every one of these team members has an impact on the business.

The result will be a simple, agile business that can more rapidly deliver concepts and knowledge to the marketplace at much faster rate.

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Ray Grainger is CEO of Mavenlink, which he founded. He was a global managing partner at Accenture and EVP of professional services and strategic alliances at InQuira. He received a congressional medal for serving on two expeditions to Antarctica. He is also a Trustee of Harvey Mudd College.