Smartphones and tablets are redefining sales because they offer a compelling blend of usability, utility, and innovation that's not achievable with personal computers.

In short, mobile enablement can help companies win more deals, increase productivity, and make better business decisions. For example, using Mutual Mobile's new sales enablement solution, J.Hilburn, a custom and ready-to-wear men's clothier, launched its Style Kit app for iPad in June and realized a 67% increase in individual orders, according to the retailer.

Moreover, mobile enablement of sales benefits your customers, too... as follows:

  • Increased satisfaction: Businesses report mobile CRM delivers a 60% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • A customized buying experience: Design and content are tailored to customer needs.
  • Improved data accuracy: Better data accuracy makes customers feel cared for during interactions.

To illustrate the benefits of a supercharged sales force, Mutual Mobile released the following infographic.

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