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Google is fast on its way to becoming a "mobile first" company—within a year mobile will become the primary way users access Google—writes Larry Kim of WordStream, citing information from three Google execs.

To determine how Google generates revenue from mobile, WordStream researched Google's mobile product portfolio, graded the those products (basing the grades on quality, market adoption, value to users, value to marketers, originality, and other factors), and summed up the results in an infographic.

Google’s strategy centers on four key mobile product areas:

  • Mobile advertising
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile content
  • Mobile devices

So just how does mobile make money for Google? It depends on the product. For example, Google Maps brings in revenue with its geo-targeted ads. (Location really is everything, especially in offering solid search results.)

"Clearly, Google is positioned to be one of just a few major players in mobile as the revolution continues," writes Kim, adding that "Google has barely scratched the surface of what’s possible" in mobile advertising.

Give the infographic a look:

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