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 Editor's note: Sorry, folks, the information in the following infographic is a bit outdated. If you're on this page, though, that means you're interested in banner ads, and we don't want to let you leave empty-handed. Here are some fresh links about banner ads:

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Anatomy of the Perfect Banner Ad

The first Internet banner ad unfurled on Oct. 27, 1994. Eye-jarring, and demanding patience from users (who were on dial-up connections back then), banner ads caught readers' attention.

Today, banner ads are ubiquitous. With computers and digital devices featuring blazingly fast connection times, banner ads load quickly. But do they still make an impact on websites?

The answer comes in the form of stats from the following Prestige Marketing infographic. Yes, folks are clicking on the ads. The people most likely to click them are 55 years or older. But they're not alone in their clicking. Some 58% of folks age 15-24 have clicked on an ad. And 71% of college graduates have clicked on an ad within the last six months.

However, not all folks are clicking. According to the infographic, the main reason people don't click on the banner ad is because they don't want to be distracted (61%). Some 58% of folks say the banner ads just aren't relevant to them. And 57% worry about getting spammed.

Other reasons for not clicking:

  • Concern that Internet behavior is being tracked.
  • Worried about pop-ups taking over screens.
  • Scared of getting a virus.

Get more details about the current state of banner ads in the following infographic:

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