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The mobile app market is fiercely competitive. Only businesses that create fresh, useful, and original apps will succeed in it.

To create such an app, you first need to make sure that your idea is original. For example, the mobile game Angry Birds achieved incredible success because the game was fresh in addition to being highly addictive. Users shooting fierce-looking birds at mocking green pigs? And using a slingshot to tumble their fortresses? No one had created such an app before.

That original idea helped the app to become a mobile sensation. However, ripping off that idea, such as with Somewhat Frustrated Sparrows or Overwhelmed Ospreys, will not guarantee your app's success.

Another tip for app success is to make sure the app is optimized for the app store. The first line of the description should be attention-getting and should mention what the app does, according to the following infographic by Dot Com Infoway. Be selective in your use of keywords in the description.

Having an engaging description is just one way to prepare your app for success before its launch. Other ideas include making sure you have teasers and trailers for it, PR activities to promote it, and a website for more information.

To get more tips for your app's success, check out the following infographic:

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Veronica Jarski is managing editor at Agorapulse and a former editor and senior writer at MarketingProfs.

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