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All that holiday shoppers once needed were shopping lists and methods of payment. This season, however, holiday shoppers are more likely than ever to also take their tablets and smartphones, and use them while running errands.

To reach those device-wielding holiday shoppers, consider your target audience's mobile behavior to personalize content.

For example, Yesmail, in the following infographic, recommends developing location-sensitive offers, equipped with store maps, to appeal to smartphone users. For tablet users, provide access to a mobile app featuring customer reviews and easy checkout, Yesmail suggests.

Another tip for reaching holiday shoppers who are using digital devices is to time your emails well.

The trio of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday require your emails to be timed just right so you don't overwhelm your customers or miss an opportunity to engage with them.

For Thanksgiving Day, you'll want to send emails after dinner to catch eager Black Friday shoppers. On Black Friday, you should send emails tailored for smartphones to catch folks on their errands. And don't forget to reach out to holiday shoppers after Cyber Monday with emails about extended offers.

Take a look at the following infographic for more ideas about reaching holiday shoppers this season.

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