A lot of articles discuss how video has become important in content marketing. And it has. But those articles usually don't discuss how to create dynamic content and properly translate that content to video.

So, here are some tips for doing exactly that. Together, these tips can help you make compelling content marketing videos that grab your audience's attention and keep bringing them back for more.

Know your audience

The content you create depends on who you want to view it. For example, some audiences prefer humor, others prefer statistics and numbers.

Unearthing what your audience wants can be an intensive process at times, but knowing what your audience wants greatly increases the odds that your audience will consume it.

Help customers succeed

Content marketing is all about helping your customer, so make sure your content does just that. Knowing your audience is 90% of the battle, so you're already on your way!

A good practice is to get other people at your company to review your content before you produce it. Also, get feedback from people outside your immediate team to bring in new perspectives.

Put thought into your title

The average attention span of an adult is just 2.8 seconds, so a catchy title is extremely important. Once again, knowing your audience is crucial. Understand when to use humor, when to be elusive, and when to get right to the point.

Turn content into video

Now, it's time to translate that content into video. Here are three tips for doing that.

1. Write a script

Once you have decided on the content you want to cover, write a script. Having a script in place will help you focus on the key points you want to cover while you record. A script will also help to ensure that you stay on track and don't ramble.

2. Cut out unnecessary parts

Edit out any parts of your video that aren't essential to your message. Often, the shorter the video, the more effective it is.

3. Include a clear call to action

Toward the end of your video, you should provide a clear call to action for your viewers. You want to make sure they don't stop with the video but continue onto your site... and eventually become a customer.

According to the Online Publishers Association, 46% of users that recall watching a video ad on a website took action after viewing it, so make sure viewers are taking the action that you want them to take.

Want more tips? Check out the infographic:

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Create Compelling Marketing Videos That Educate and Entertain [Infographic]

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Rebecca Toth is a communications coordinator at TechSmith, a software company developing screencasting tools, including screen capture, recording and editing software.

LinkedIn: Rebecca Toth