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Are you sabotaging your campaigns by committing grave mobile marketing sins? Here's a look at a few of them, courtesy of an infographic from Text Marketer.

Forgetting a call to action (CTA) is a grave mistake. Your customers need to know what you expect them to do, so include an obvious CTA in your text. Are you guiding your audience to a new site? Make the URL clear and readable. Want them to visit your store? Offer a coupon. Be direct in your instructions.

Spamming customers is another sin. "Don't overload customers by sending them lots of text messages all at once," suggests Text Marketer. Instead, marketers should wait 2-3 weeks before sending more texts.

Forgetting to test and check for errors can also kill your SMS marketing. Before sending out a message, check its readability, contact details, website addresses, spelling, grammar, and phone numbers.

Want to learn more about keeping your SMS campaigns alive and kicking? Check out the infographic:

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Veronica Jarski is managing editor at Agorapulse and a former editor and senior writer at MarketingProfs.

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