Is your mobile strategy producing lackluster results? Here's a look at five areas that might need improvement, according to the following Formstack infographic.

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile. "Consumers today don't have patience for poorly functioning mobile sites," states Formstack. "Some 46% of shoppers are less likely to shop around for other options when they're using a company's mobile app."

Moreover, consider providing a social autofill form. Some 77% of users prefer social logins over passwords.

Also, make sure your social autofill form isn't overwhelming your visitors. "If your forms are too long, your visitors will leave," states Formstack. "Offering a social autofill not only reduces time on site, but it's a sanity saver, too."

To find out more about mobile mistakes and how you can fix them, check out the infographic.

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Veronica Jarski is managing editor at Agorapulse and a former editor and senior writer at MarketingProfs.

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