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Want to boost your business during one of the biggest retail seasons? Check out these tips and tricks for running some back-to-school campaigns.

Some $75.8B is spent annually on back-to-school shopping, according to The Shelf infographic. The majority of purchases (50%) are apparel, followed by footwear (42%), backpacks/computer bags (41%) and stationery/supplies (37%).

One idea to tap into those sales is to enlist mommy bloggers to do social media campaigns. They're easy to implement, and "parents will be consulting the various social networks to make quick buying decisions," states The Shelf.

Moreover, 37% more money is spent when dads are in charge of back-school shopping. "Most brands ignore dads in their ad spend," states The Shelf. "However, with dads being the heavy-hitters, it's smart to include them when planning your marketing campaigns."

To find out more about marketing to back-to-school shoppers, click or tap on the infographic.

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