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Working remotely comes with many benefits, but having team members dispersed in various locations also brings unique challenges. Keeping team members motivated and engaged can be tricky. And when you don't see your colleagues on a daily basis, it can be easy to miss the signs that people are feeling burnout or boredom.

Today's infographic, created by small business funder The Business Backer, offers nine ways to keep a remote team engaged and motivated. 

For example, remote teams often miss the social aspects of being in an office, so the infographic suggests including time in a weekly team meeting for everyone to share not just one recent business success but also something going on in their personal lives.

And with all the options these days, technology should be helping your team communicate both professionally and personally. For instance, the graphic suggests, having a "home office" channel on your messaging application can allow colleagues to share photos of their work spaces and to offer tips on what makes them more productive when working remotely.

Overall, establishing a sense of community can show workers that you care about their happiness, and, as the graphic points out, happy workers are up to 20% more productive. 

To make sure your remote team is motivated, check out all nine tips in the infographic:



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