With 65% of consumers frustrated about inconsistent brand experiences across channels—whether they interact with companies online, in-store, via social media, or over the phone—the digital marketers' reality is still at odds with consumers' expectations.

A recent Selligent Marketing Cloud poll of digital marketers found that although most marketers want to deliver consistent omnichannel experiences, 41% still struggle with launching integrated campaigns across channels.

Moreover, 69% do not have one single solution to execute those campaigns—and only 8% have the ability to share crucial loyalty marketing data in real-time with a contact center.

Marketers' omnichannel excellence struggle is real, the research finds. There is a huge disconnect between the marketing and service departments, and that disconnect has a serious impact on the overall customer experience.

The following infographic highlights key challenges and the need to find the right technology stack that provides visibility into customer data shared across all departments:

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Vahe Habeshian is the director of publications at MarketingProfs and a longtime editor. Reach him via vahe@marketingprofs.com.

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