The content that B2B marketers are producing is clearly not up to the task, according B2B decision-makers.

They cite the following as their top issues with marketing content: too fluffy (50% of decicion-makers), not relevant (47%), not personalized (34%), misleading (29%), behind a form (28%), or hard to find (24%), according to an eMarketer report.

For the marketers behind such sluggish marketing performance, a quick look in the mirror should make it clear why that's the case: bad-habit strategy, low-metabolism execution, overly processed tactics, and sugar-high shiny-object software that's used improperly (if at all).

When your marketing is out of shape, what better way to get back on track than with some good-old marketing fitness?

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Vahe Habeshian is the director of publications at MarketingProfs and a longtime editor. Reach him via

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