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As just about any manager will tell you, managing projects and tasks is hard enough, but managing people is often the hardest of all management responsibilities.

So many different personalities, learning styles, work ethics, belief systems, cultural or geographic or economic backgrounds, behavioral patterns, assumptions, psychological sensitivities... the list of variables to be taken into account in human relations, including in a business setting, is endless.

Add to that the need to protect the reputation and interests of the business itself... and the potential for serious consequences arising because of what you say can loom large.

Heading up a group of work colleagues is, in a word, fraught. Or complicated. And fraught with complications.

An infographic by Headway Capital urges managers to adopt a coaching style of management that boosts worker engagement and productivity. The infographic also highlights 11 things managers should never say to their team members, and suggest alternative ways of phrasing what you say.

Do you manage a team? Check out the infographic for some useful ideas and practical tips:

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