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Infographics attract visual learners—which is what most of us are. And that's one big reason infographics are an ideal medium to use in digital marketing: They're more apt than solely text-based content to attract website visitors.

Done well, infographics can present ideas, data, and other information into a single piece of content that's relatively easier to digest.

Blogs and other online publications (like the one you're reading now) happily republish infographics created by marketers and others—because, again, infographics attract readers. Moreover, those readers/viewers are also more likely to share infographics on social networks and their own blogs.

Those are wins—in the form of backlinks, brand awareness, and website visitors—both for creators of infographics and for those who (re)publish them.

A comprehensive infographic (below) from creative agency Cyberius lays out the process of using infographics as effective marketing tools. Consider it a companion piece to today's new article on MarketingProfs: "How to Create and Use Infographics for Your Content Marketing."

(Editor's note: It's evident that the creators of the infographic are not native speakers of English. Though normally we'd be much more finicky about the quality of the text in an infographic we're republishing, in this case—in consideration of the wealth of highly useful information the infographic contains—we've chosen to be less so.)

To begin the process of using infographics in your marketing, check out the infographic:

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