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Business ethics and social responsibility are moving to the forefront of considerations for customers and employees alike in the age of growing socioeconomic inequality worldwide and global climate change and environmental concerns.

Millennials, the largest generation in the US, are driven by "purpose over paycheck." Fully 86% of them agree that a priority of theirs is to work for a company that's ethical and socially responsible.

A visual guide by business insurance broker Embroker provides an overview of how to integrate business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

It highlights the difference between the two, the importance of CSR, a framework for business ethics, and examples of how to give back—both within the company and to the community-at-large.

An attendant post by Embroker highlights real-world examples of companies that do it well and includes additional tips for what to avoid and proof that business ethics and social responsibility can set your business apart. Though targeted at startups, the advice and information provided can be relevant to companies of all sizes.

Check out the infographic:

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