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Although creatives know that their work creates tangible results for businesses, their work has often been undervalued by their more business-minded colleagues.

Yet businesses are increasingly recognizing the value of creativity for achieving business objectives.

Alongside the top challenges facing creatives, that positive recognition is a top finding of a study of more than 600 creatives and marketers—2020 In-House Creative Management Report—facilitated by inMotionNow, a provider of creative project management software, and InSource, a professional association for in-house creatives.

The third annual survey found that 89% of respondents say creative work is important to meeting business objectives. Similarly, 87% say their organization is giving them the same or more credit for the business results their work delivers.

Interestingly, that greater appreciation for creativity is being parlayed into more strategic business duties: Two-thirds of respondents say they are being tasked with new responsibilities related to company culture, marketing strategy, analytics, and customer experience.

Check out the infographic to learn more about the impact that creative has on business results:

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