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Imp Steps For A New Magazine Marketing Strategy

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am offered a job as a marketing and public relations manager at a new magazine . its a good chance for me and they want a strategy to give the magazine a push forwad in adds and everything concerning marketing.
My experience in this fiel id very limited and I need to come with fresh ideas tommorrow.. This is urgent . I wish you can provide me with some tips for magazine marketing today . thank you.

  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    It's possible to post this as an urgent question. FYI, many people only answer questions marked URGENT.

    I really depends on the magazine. If it's a business magazine you'd have one strategy. If it's a "martha stewart-type" it's different strategy.

  • Posted by Janet O. on Accepted
    Hi Rana-Sultan, you can evaluate existing magazines that are similar to your comany's magazine. Compare content (articles, ads, promos, etc.), evaluate reader demographics, distribution, etc. to develop strategies that differentiate your magazine from the others.

    Develop a launch plan to get people to subscribe and read your magazine. Look at cross promoting your magazine with complementary companies' products or services.

    Get press releases out into your industry (i.e. associations, online sites, trade publications, newspapers, etc.) to announce the launch, focus, uniqueness, etc. of your magazine.
  • Posted by mohitchhabra on Accepted
    Hi Rana Sultan
    Its very important in every business these days to deliver more that what your competitor is. I assume that it is a business/trade magazine.

    A good way to get more out of ad space sales is to introduce innovative inserts in the magazine. For instance you could insert a ribbon-tied bookmark in each issue and charge a premium for advertising space on the same. A lot of other such new inserts can create greater value both for the advertiser and the magazine in question.

    On the other hand, what a magazine must never ignore is the fact that content is king. The editor of the magazine must be regarded as a expert and must be seen at the right forums. While this may not lend an immediate fillip to ad sales or subscriptions, it will definitely position you as a serious player in the business.

    Another area to leverage content is events, hosting and sponsorship both.
    Mohit Chhabra
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you all for the informative answers you sent..
    Its really nice how people help each other without waiting for anything in return .
    Thanks a lot, Rana

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