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Topic: Strategy

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How To Write A Positioning Statement

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
l own a dry cleaning company in Toronto, Canada and l would like to learn how to write a position statement, how long should it be? is it like a company credo?

Please help me in any which way

  • Posted on Accepted
    a positioning statement in effect a statement about what you are tyring to achieve in the marketplace.
    for example:
    We will become the most customer friendly dry cleaning establishment in our business area that covers a radius of five miles
    We will become the dry cleaning establishment that will be known for its high quality dry cleaning and prices that are the most competitive in our trading area of five miles.
    out of a positioning statement you then develop a strategy of how you get there. in other words what steps do you need to take to achieve the things in your positioning statement. They usually are four to five processes.
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    A postioning statement is usually a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The statement carves out the core of what your company does/beleives/offers and makes it unique from all other becomes your Unique identifier that excludes all others.

    Some examples are:

    It's ready, it's right, or it's free (From Sid Tuchman of Tuchman's cleaners in Indianapolis...and is one of the most knocked off phrases in drycleaning today)

    If you care about clothing as much as we care about drycleaning, we should talk (from Mobi Cleaners...which I used to own before I became a marketing consultant to the dry cleaning trade world wide).

    Creating a postioning statement/USP takes time. It took me a year to create my postioning statement for my shop..but it still works today. My company works with drycleaners worldwide to help them develop postioning statements, brand strategies, branding, marketing programs, diect mail programs, email programs and web sites for dry cleaners. All these processes go to work to support your brand and empower your postion statement. If you need help, pleas call.

    Feel free to contact me, and I'll share more resources you'd find interesting and directly related to dry cleaning.

    Which company do you own? I know a few guys in the GTA. Ernie Ferguson, Jack Creed of Creed's Cleaners, Yazdi, Dove Cleaners, etc.

    Are you a member of the Fabricare Forum? Do you receive trade magazines like, American Drycleaner, National Clothesline? Are you a member of

    check out for even more information and links about drycleaning, marketing and more.

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network
    Marketing consultant, author and columnist for IFI, Fabricare Canada, American Drycleaner.
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Member
    When creating a postioning statement, be sure to create one that prospective, current and past customers will find relevant. We are the best cleaner in the world may be too over the top, and to past customers who quit you over perceived poor quality...will consider your statement a lie. We try harder may be too vague.

    Be sure to create a statement that reflects your business, but s not too confining. A perfect example is: 99 cent Shirts. What happens of you raise the price?

    Hope this helps you.

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network
  • Posted by prhyatt on Member
    A positioning statement is not the same as a slogan or tag line. A good positioning statement generally has 4 elements:
    1. The target market
    2. The need of that target market
    3. The name of your product
    4. The statement telling how your product satisfies the need and is different from the competitors.

    For example, Volvo might have a positioning statement something like this:
    "For (1) families concerned about (2) safety, (3)Volvo builds a vehicle with (4) state-of-the-art safety features that give you peace of mind when driving."
    See also this Marketing Profs archives article: example,
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Member
    Antonio, contact me via my profile, and I'll get you into an drycleaner's group with 1,200 owner/operators who have serious part time passion for helping one another. This resource is absolutely free, and world wide!

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    Welcome to KHE, Antonio. There are thousands of caring Profs waiting to assist you with any marketing/business issue you may be having.
    All you have to ask.

  • Posted on Member
    a postioning statement will not only ensure ur motives but also how would u differ ur self from the competitor ususaly known as USP.
    to write a position statement u need to ask ur self what and how u would sell ur services, the best way to do in this era is to go by "relationship building" so use this key word to write ur positioning. fillow these steps and it might speed up ur process
    . Write down who your business is.
    .Write down what business you are in.
    .Think about and write down who your company serves. .Who does your target market represent?
    .Brainstorm and write down what it is that your target market needs.
    . Make a list of your competitors.
    .Write down and explain what makes your business .different from your competitors.
    Make a list of the unique benefits that derive from your services.
    Use the above information and in the second session focus on refining it to the final statement.
  • Posted on Member
    We are a non profit organization in California. Our volunteers have designed and made products by hand to sell. In the process of coming up with a marketing strategy, we came across writing a positioning statement. Could someone help us what approach we can take to promote our handmade products? It's mostly jewelry and decorative trees.

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