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Topic: Strategy

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Hong Kong Disneyland And Ocean Park

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am doing a dissertation on a case analysis on HK Disneyland and Ocean Park. The dissertation is about 8000 words. Can anyone suggest a structure for the case study ( in sequence)? Such as in which areas should I compare with the two and I also need to make some recommendations at last. Thank you very much!

  • Posted on Member
    Do you have access to the background for these two parks or are you trying to write a case study based only on observable elements?A true case study, if possible, needs to look at background and decisions made that led to the observable result.

    If you don't have that, I would start with how the previous parks were structured, how successful, the culture and times into which they entered.

    Then examine how the culture and times were different when and where these two parks were built and how they were received.

    A theme park is a business like any other, the rest of the case should cover the same topics you would for any business.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Hi, Anita.

    The theme park analysis is great as it provides lots of areas for study in the Services Marketing area. I have been around that block and used those types of case studies before in class and in business so I can give you a structure to guide you. Some points to consider prior to comparison:

    Background for each theme park

    Regional analysis of population, economic conditions, leisure habits and weather

    Logics behind the business: how do you make money?

    Where will both businesses be in 5 tears?

    Major leisure competitors for visitor´s time (not necessarily other theme parks)

    Comparative points:
    1. Mission and vision
    2. Positioning and specific offerings
    3. Strenghts of each offer in the CSF - Critical Success Factors
    4. Financial performance
    5. Organizational culture and specific recruitment policies
    6. Management and Training

    In this process you will find the main organizational constraints and challenges of each company, focus your recommendations there.

    You have here, I believe, a framework that will allow you to do a good job, I believe.
    The challenge for you is: can you keep it in the 8.000 words?

    Best. Miguel.
  • Posted on Member
    It is a great idea and a necessary one to gain credibility for the leisure park. Look at Disneyland Paris and all the adaptations they had to perform in order to convey to the french public. If you analyse that case you will find great insight, that I believe people at Disney Parks treasure a lot because of all the huge financial impact of the mistakes made in the early stage.

    Anita, keep us posted.

  • Posted by tsechingon72 on Member
    Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest Disneyland in the world which due to the limited land.

    however Hong Kong Disneyland can increase the land through Reclamation.

    My question is any business or company strategy can apply into this opportunity to help Hong Kong Disneyland for future development?

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