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Marketing Luxury Yachts

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I am newly assigned to market Luxury Yachts at a newly established Yachts Producing Company There is a big job ahead of me as I am also very new in this particular market I am at the stage of preparing a program for this company I would be grateful if I can receive any important hints that you can throw at me


Dave Erkmen
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    Dear Dave

    Yes, no problem. But I’d need to have one on free assessment for a couple of years to form a valid opinion. Oh, and one of those white uniforms, beloved of James Bond film Villains when they are pretending to be the captain.

    More seriously, what price range, where are you based and are they motor yachts or sailing yachts?

    We did some very interesting work with a leading high-end yacht builder recently (Prices £750K to £ - whatever you like) and their approach was very personally attuned, using a CRM system to give them the individual touch needed for customers who are prepared to splash out £5M on a 60 knot Floating Gin Palace.

    Steve Alker
    Unimax Solutions and SalesVision
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    Hello Once Again,

    Thanking you hips for your valuable answers, added with a bunch of sense of humour. ::))

    I know providing specific information is the touch, Steve, however, i came to a stage where i can not think no more. And I am desperately hoping that I am not the only one who got remained brainless in a fight to find the answers the questions in front of me.!! Let me pull it open a little bit trying my best in order not to waste your valuable time.

    I am a bit lucky, I must say, as I have been working as a Production Manager Assistant for a Yachts producing Company for a year, which means I did get a chance to touch the goods, and infusing the knowledge gained on to marketing field.

    My biggest advantage at this very moment is that we are at the stage of designing and preparing stamps of our 3 different models. A 16 meter, a 20 meter, and a 24 meter performance yacht. This is important on my side, because I can pitch in and tell the boys how we can do things better at the very beginning regarding the marketing aspects of the business.

    An other important point is that we are not going to be a Mass Production Company like Azimut which sells thousands of yachts in a year. We will be able to build yachts according to our customer`s needs and wants. And this will be our main strength in this particular market, because our customers will get to choose basically everything on the yacht.

    I am now heavily focusing on new trends such as boat paints, effective fabric selection, veneering, and so on. So therefore, yachts mags, following existing methods, and trying to mix those with our way of producing yachts is maybe the biggest challenge, thanking you hips for your comments M. Barber.

    My biggest weakness is going to be the boat fairs. I believe they are the most important meeting arenas for marketing and selling a product like this one in particular. My boss thinks it will be just enough to join the boat fairs with scale models that we are producing right now. I surely think that taking the end product with you to a fair is of importance, because people will need to touch it, see both the interior and the exterior and ask me endless questions about it all, dont you agree?

    We will be producing around 10 to 12 boats in a year for the beginning, so dealership is something we will be looking forward to embrace in the near future. However, Jon you are perfectly right about your comments especiallyon repeat purchase, providing me with the example of RR. Thanks a lot for that.

    Thanking you once again for your valuable comments, and hoping to hear from you.


    Dave Erkmen

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    Hi Dave,

    My agency specializes in marketing for the yacht industry - for independent owners who wish to charter privately, through to managed services for brokers and campaign management for ship yards and brands.

    I employ award winning photographers, designers and developers, producing print and digital campaigns specifically for luxury markets. I have close ties with some of the biggest names in publishing, the best in printing and excellent digital marketing facilities with comprehensive roi reporting facilities.

    Im always looking to create ties with the best in the industry and i'd love to give you a marketing audit for free, if you'd be interested, get in touch me on

    Look forward to hearing from you.



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