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Topic: Strategy

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How To Solicit Sponsors For Promotion ?

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am putting together a 50k Kitchen Giveaway promotion and am looking for ideas on how to solcit sponsors to subsidize the costs.

I was thinking of charging $295 for a sponsorship or maybe that's too low. My thoughts are that sponsors will generate traffic to their website or business and gain exposure to more consumers. This is done by requiring entrants to visit the place of business or website of a sponsor to enroll in the giveaway.

The concept for this promotion started as an idea to generate leads for a select number of real estate agents, but those that I have talked to seem disinterested because it can't (as of yet) guarantee concrete leads that want to buy or sell right away. I think this is somewhat shortsighted and look it as a relationship building tool that can set them apart from others.

I am not locked into real estate agents and think that remodeling contractors would also be a good fit. Would love to get mfg's to donate supplies for this but don't know how to go about approaching them... how do you do that?

So my question is how do I solcit sponsors for this type of promotion? Tks.

  • Posted by CarolBlaha on Accepted
    It is a ridiculously low price. They may be telling you their reason for declining but I bet the real reason is-- at that price they can't get any exclusivity. Also, once someone spends 50K on a kitchen would they sell and hire a realtor?

    Hit up the appliance manufacturers, finish manufacturers etc, contractors, etc.

    Sell Well and Prosper tm
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    I think you're thinking too short. Why wouldn't you go to a company like Silestone or some big faucet comany, or tile, or stove manufacturer or....get the idea.

    Forget about leads for RE agents, isn't this for YOU?

  • Posted on Accepted
    The question you need to ask is what do you want out of it. If its strictly to make you money you need to figure out who would pay the most for the right type of leads.

    Someone who wants a new kitchen is the lead... so who can be served by that... There are a lot of people. In fact I think you can target both re-modelers, manufacturers, builders, and real estate agents. And there are two models, they can pay to be a sponsor, or they can pay for the leads...

    I've done giveaways before, and there are always people willing to pay, you just have to provide a value for their dollar. ie What media are you using to promote this, how are you planning on sending traffic to your sponsors.

  • Posted on Author
    My purpose for doing this is to earn money for generating leads/prospects for companies.

    My plan was to promote this via the web, print and maybe some radio... and line up sponsors. My thought with Realtors is that if they were a sponsor it would give them an edge in their market.

    My process for this was to have people enroll at Sponsors locations or on a central website. I was going to have one sponsor per area per business category and there would probably be something like one Realtor and one home improvement contractor or one kitchen company that offer it. Any people that sign up would be required to give some basic info and asked if they wanted more info on particular services/items... and if so the leads would be passed on to the appropriate local sponsor.

    A kitchen company for instance could have a promotion in conjunction with this for say "10% of new countertops" or something. Realtors could do the same with some form of incentive if they wanted to. The idea is to get people in the door and start a conversation.

    Any suggestions on what else can be done and what a sponsor would want? ......... or for setting this up another way?


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