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How To Write A Proposal For Celebrity Endorsement

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am a manufacturer of intimate apparel and my target market is mature women who are in the 40+ age range. This customer has very favorable consumer demographics.

I'm working on a project whose success will be based on a strong marketing campaign. The campaign will build a brand name. I met the celebrity I want to work with and pitched her to be the face to represent the product. She is an international celebrity whose name is recognized world wide and more important, she is an icon to the baby boomer generation. She expressed interest in the concept. Her associate asked me to send a proposal outlining what the celebrity would do. Is there a 'model' for writing a proposal to a celebrity asking for their endorsement? If one is to be created, what information should the document contain?

Thank you!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Celebrities are used to being 'pitched' on a variety of things, so I would not try to do a formal business proposal at this point. Instead do a one page overview of what you would like the celebrity to do and what she gets in return.

    Suggestion, provide three different levels of participation with subsequently higher levels of return. That way you provide an opening for a discussion on 'deal points'.

    Ever since William Shatner made a killing on taking equity as the major part of his comp for endorsing celebrities have become very aware of 'investing' in back-end returns. I would structure the offer to be light on the payment now side and heavy on the equity side.

    This advice, BTW, is from someone who works with startup companies every day, AND spent a decade working in the entertainment industry in LA.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I think NuCoPro's advice is right on. Keep it very simple, focus on what you want the celebrity to do, and suggest some options based on her desired level of involvement.

    Assuming you have a unique positioning that has intrigued the target celebrity, you probably ought to stress that uniqueness and make it clear that if you're successful the celebrity will become identified with it. That way you appeal to her ego and desire to become more important to a specific constituency ... and this becomes more than just a paid endorsement deal.

    As a former marketing vp at Playtex, I am intrigued by your concept and will be watching to see how it unfolds in the marketplace. Good luck!

    (Final suggestion: You may want to further segment your target audience by lifestyle and/or psychographic category. Women 40+ is still an awfully big target, and you're in a very competitive market.)

    And if you need help with the marketing plan, feel free to contact me via the information in my profile.
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Accepted
    If you were to sit down, face to face with this celebrity "as a person", and ask them to participate, what would you say?

    Is there an order in which you would express the proposal?

    Are you catching on here? Do that. Do not talk about costs/pricing or anything like that, except that (towards the end), here are the financials.

    You are selling benefits to the consumer...the celeb could help spread those benefits...etc.

    Don't make a big deal of it, most celebs are actually people.

  • Posted by Mkter on Accepted
    I think this is an opportunity to write and list out what you expect from this celeb. Generally speaking true celebs, have contracts and stipulations as to what they want $$ if they're going to endorse any given item.

    So this may be to your advantage. As W.M.M.A stated just list out what you expect of the celeb.

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