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Topic: Social Media

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Social Media Management Software

Posted by angela.wight on 250 Points
I need a social media software management solution. Do you have experience using one? What advice would you offer when selecting software or solution? Specifically I would like to use the software to push content out to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This would be used in a small to midsize business and so I need something cost-effective as well. Awareness Social Marketing Software appears to have the capabilities I desire, however the $2,000 per month price tag is too steep.

Any and all information or tips you have is appreciated!

  • Posted on Accepted

    well there certainly are a plethora of services to use. Before you make any large investments, I would suggest using some of the low cost or free services while you get a handle on what is working. You might want to try posterous which let's you syndicate over many services by just sending an email. You might also want to try out You can try a 7 day free trial for pro which is about $30/month. It will allow you to mass upload tweets, and it has a feature which allows you to keep adding tweets to a repository and to tweet regularly. In the free service you can add one by one and schedule a time to send. You can also use it to vet followers if you want. And you can use the RSS feed services to automatically tweet posts to blogs.
  • Posted by angela.wight on Author

    Thank you for the service suggestions. I will take a look at these. Sounds affordable, and your suggestion of trying something low cost out before upgrading will help my client and I both to narrow down on what is most important.
  • Posted by angela.wight on Author

    Where do I find your list? I am new to this Forum and probably just don't know where to look if it is posted somewhere else.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Dear Angela,

    Here's a list of applications for Twitter and Facebook:

    You might also want to look at Vocus:

    And here's a list of 40 free, open source CMS options that
    might also help.

    I hope these help.

    Gary Bloomer
    Wilmington, DE, USA
  • Posted by angela.wight on Author
    Gary and dvogel,

    Thank you for your advice, as well as the resources you posted! I appreciate it.

  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    Why not save yourt money and use the Firefox plug called Yoono?

    Its free, and will connect all your our SM into one place, as well as enable you to post across multiple networks.

    Darcy Moen
    Customer Loyalty Network

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