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Examples Of Value Propositions - Good, Bad & Ugly

Posted by Chris Blackman on 125 Points
I am looking for examples of Value Propositions used by companies for their products or services, with a brief anecdotal (or researched!) explanation of whether they are successful, or not, with perceptions or opinions of the reasons for their success (or otherwise).

I would like to use these as case study material to show examples of Value Propositions that have worked, those that haven't, and to try to draw out some of the reasons why.

The ultimate aim is to assist businesses to develop their own Value Propositions that are lucid, executable, and hold up in the marketplace, so they have a good chance of success.

What other factors do you think may be important to support a strong Value Proposition?
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  • Posted on Member
    You can look at my VP, I don't know if it is G,B, or U, but that's why I'm here to learn how to do it better.

    So far my clients seem to agree with my value proposition as being lucid (easy to understand), executable (I deliver what it says), and offers a differentiation in the market that sets me apart from my local competitors.
  • Posted by Blaine Wilkerson on Member
    Well there are so many that thinking about it makes my head spin. Here is my little list ...mostly related to food because I'm hungry:

    Good - Krispy Kreme- "Hot Donuts" (who would have thought?)

    Bad - Panera Bread - Gourmet Bagels (is there such a thing?)Although they are successful...I think it will die out with all the other "premier" bagel shops.

    Ugly - Carl's Jr. Hamburgers - "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face" ( pretty gross depiction for a fast food restaurant...especially considering that little thought that crosses our mind when we eat fast food: " I wonder if they did anything to this?")

    Here are some links that may help you as well:

    Good Luck!
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Author
    Thanks everyone, some excellent answers here.

    Particularly valued the comments about strategy alignment and confusion with differentiation or positioning. I think this is the key - otherwise the VP becomes merely sloganism.

    Aligned strategy ensures the VP is deliverable at all levels of the organisation. Great input, thanks all.

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