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Need Know How To Start A Self Serve Yogurt Shop

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I want to start a self serve yogurt shop in Costa Rica but I am not interested in buying a franchise nobody would know about in my country.
But have no clue on how to do it. If anybody has good advice on how to buy the basic know how, take a course, etc. I would really appreciate it.

  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Member
    You may want to pick up the book I recommend in this blog post:

    This book does focus on US businesses, so some of it (particularly the paperwork related to setting up a business) would not hold true for Costa Rica, but much of the book is valid no matter where the business is set up.

    It is not specific to yogurt shops, but covers general business formation.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    Dear katiaodio,

    Are self serve yoghurt shops popular in Costa Rica? I'm not trying to burst your bubble here but is there a demand for self serve yoghurt, and is there a demand for it in Costa Rica?

    If there is, great! Here's an article that might help.

    Second up, what's it going to cost you in set up fees? Do you have a business plan? Have you worked out scenarios for profit, loss, revenues, income, taxes, and hidden expenses? What staff will you need? What will you pay them? What premises will you use? What permits and regulations must you adhere to? What's your projected break even point? How reliable are local suppliers? Who will supply your ingredients? What hygiene regulations must you adhere to?

    You might want to answer some or all of these questions before you go on a course. The key to success is strategy, not tactics. So see where you want to be a year or three years from now, THEN work backward and figure out what it will take to get you to where you want to be.

    I hope this helps. Good luck to you.

    Gary Bloomer
    The Direct Response Marketing Guy™
    Wilmington, DE, USA

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