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Topic: Research/Metrics

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Best Books On Market Research

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I'm looking for some market research book/guide recommendations. Basically, I'm looking for stuff that will teach me how to actually conduct market research. I'm an absolute beginner in the subject, but have a strong background in psychology, economics, math, and statistics; and am determined to learn how to perform market research. List as many books, guides, and other resources that you know of, at all levels - as long as it's a good resource, I want to know about it. Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by Sans Prix on Accepted
    If you want a book, try "Consumer.ology" by Philip Graves (after which you'll never read another market research book).

    But if you want a real answer, there is no such thing as a market research lab - only the real world. You have to do live experiments!

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    A few years ago, Joy Levin and I did an online seminar for MarketingProfs in which we discussed "do-it-yourself" market research. In the process we also produced a how-to guide (a/k/a workbook/report) that has a lot of great information on different kinds of market research, some basic concepts about how to determine what kinds of market research are best for various situations, setting objectives, cost ranges, etc.

    You can listen to the entire seminar in the archives, and download the how-to guide at:

    Or, if you just want the how-to guide, there's a version of it here: for $20. Mostly the same material, but updated/revised to be more current.

    Joy Levin is a regular here on the Know-How Exchange and a truly talented market research professional. You could do a lot worse than hire her to serve as a guide/mentor.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Here are some interesting books from my perspective:

    1 . Introducing Marketing Research
    by Paul Baines, Bal Chansarkar

    2. The Market Research Toolbox: A Concise Guide for Beginners by Professor Edward F. McQuarrie

    Hope this helps,


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