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Topic: Strategy

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Ticket Sales Marketing Strategy

Posted by mayesero on 125 Points
I'm developing a marketing strategy for my Ticket sales business. My company provides marketing and ticketing services by guaranteeing sold out tickets to event organizers.
My main strategy is face-to-face direct sales for the tickets (the banking systems here and the slow internet connections do not allow for an internet based strategy)

My question: In my marketing strategy do i only spell out a strategy for targeting my main clients: The artists/event organizers who contract me to market and ticket their show?
OR do i include a strategy for my secondary clients; the ticket buyers who by tickets from my agents?

if its both, how do i make write a coherent Marketing strategy?

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Your strategy needs to focus first on your target audience - people who are hiring your services (why should they trust you, financial guarantees, types of venues/performers, etc.). Your "secret sauce" is how you'll sell tickets that they're unable to.
  • Posted by telemoxie on Accepted
    I don't think we can tell you which is more strategic without seeing your finances.

    If you have enough money to last a full year without income, then I would focus first on developing programs to sell tickets to end-users, working with a minimum number of clients as I perfected my techniques.

    Also, the nature of your guarantee is extremely important. How severe are the repercussions, if you do not sell out an event? If the repercussions are severe, then you would probably want to focus on a few projects at first to limit your potential losses.

    It sounds to me as though you are trying to solve three difficult problems, all at the same time, with very little money. You are trying to find clients, you are trying to find and train salespeople, and you are trying to develop techniques to sell tickets person-to-person.

    Generally speaking, I would suggest trying to start small and simple.
  • Posted by mayesero on Author
    Thanks for your answers. Indeed, my budget is small. by biggest challenge is trying to find new clients and to sell as many tickets as possible

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